Winter is Leaving

It was a relatively mild winter with only a couple of days of extreme cold in February. Still parts of the St. Lawrence River were frozen. In Brockville you could see the flow of the river pushing the ice towards the east. This looked beautiful and I could not resist to take some pictures of this natural phenomenon. It is March now and the temperatures are rising. The Sun is gaining strength ,the ice is melting and the geese are returning from the south in large numbers. Spring is coming.


St. Lawrence River, Brockville, Ontario February 14th, 2016


Blockhouse Island, Brockville, Ontario February 28th, 2016


St. Lawrence River, Brockville, Ontario March 4th, 2016


Blockhouse Island, Brockville, Ontario March 6th, 2016



Confederation Park, Gananoque, Ontario March 6th, 2016


St. Lawrence River, Rockport, Ontario March 6th, 2016