Dear nature and photography enthusiast.

It is a true pleasure to welcome you to my website.

For many years I have photographed the miniature world around us, whose beauty is not always recognised and appreciated. Some of us are even a little scared of all that buzzes and crawls around us.

My goal is to show the beauty and fascination of what we, so often, take for granted.

The main premise of my photography is my absolute respect for nature. All photographs are shot from the flora and fauna in its most natural form. Needless to say no animal is caught or killed. Nothing has been staged or manipulated in any way. No living thing was harmed, no branch was bent. I do not use an insect net, nor freezing spray nor other tools, in order to make the “perfect  picture”. My only instruments are my eyes, patience and photographic equipment. Whenever it is not possible to photograph the object without any interference or damage, I leave it.

That is why it often happens, that I come home after spending hours on my knees in some forest edge, with no more than a few insect bites and a nettle rash.

I hope you share my vision and, as much as I, can enjoy the hardly visible mini world that is surrounding us, with its abundance of beautiful, touching, astonishing and amazing flowers, plants and animals. Take your time browsing through the photographs and please, also give the “little monsters” a chance. You will see that there is so much beauty among us. Much more than we often realise. And after all, we all share our planet and highly depend on one another. Regardless how big or small we are.

I wish you a lot of fun while viewing the photos. Take your time and relax. Let what you see inspire you and make you forget the hectic world around you for a moment.

A brief comment on my photographs is greatly appreciated. Please visit my blog page and share your thoughts with me and all other nature lovers, who visit my site, by simply clicking one of the pictures.

Thank you very much for your interest and do not hesitate to visit me again soon, for this site will be updated frequently.

Monique van Someren


“Ton Sur Ton”