During my search for springtails I see a lot happening. I see them eating, mating, trying to hide for the camera and unfortunately I sometimes see one dying. Because springtails are such cute and therefore likable creatures I can not help but to anthropomorphize. I know I should not…. But looking at this couple, I […]

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Lots of Springtails

Now that it is getting colder here in The Netherlands, it becomes more and more difficult to find insects to take pictures of. Though that can never be a reason to stop looking for those magnificent macro photography models. There are so many amazing little creatures worth shooting or studying and admiring through a magnifying […]

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Ambush Hunter

If you take a closer look at a flower….  either in the wild or blooming in your garden, you may find a little spider living on it. She will sit still and wait patiently for a prey to arrive. Once one comes near and she feels confident enough, she will quickly grab it and wrap […]

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2013-09-17 09.58.51

5-star Hotel

Hello again, After a wonderful summer for both us humans and all of our non human animal friends, it is now time to start thinking about the change of weather ahead and to start preparing for it. Like the first migratory birds gathering to start their long exhausting journey and squirrels starting to hide their […]

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Dear friends, Yes, it happens to me too! Ouch!! The other day one of our neighbours thought it necessary to destroy a wasp’s nest in their garden. I wish people would look for alternatives first. The wasps did not understand. They thought I was just as guilty of the destruction of their wonderful home as […]

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