First Insects

As Winter is leaving, the first insects start to appear. Again it is very predictable which will be the first insects to be captured by my camera: flies and lady beetles. However this year, another insect landed on my deck before any others did: A beautiful Four Humped Stinkbug (Brochymena quadripustulata). It stayed there for […]

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Another Asparagus Beetle & Tortoise Beetles

A new portfolio item has been added; The Common Asparagus Beetle. I was very pleased to find these as I had been looking for them in Europe without success. Gardeners do not like to see them as they can damage the asparagus crop, but still I think they are beautiful shiny creatures…. Take a closer […]

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New Portfolio Items

I added two insects to this website I discovered in my new home Canada last year; The Locust Borer and the Spotted Asparagus Beetle. Images of these beautiful insects can be found here and here. In the meantime macro season is in full bloom and I already photographed some interesting insects such as the Bald-faced hornet […]

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Hello Again!

2014 has been a very busy year. I moved from The Netherlands to Canada after waiting four years for my visa to arrive. It was worth the wait! Although there was a lot of work involved, everything went relatively smoothly and I really enjoy living in Canada. I find the Canadian people very friendly and helpful […]

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During my search for springtails I see a lot happening. I see them eating, mating, trying to hide for the camera and unfortunately I sometimes see one dying. Because springtails are such cute and therefore likable creatures I can not help but to anthropomorphize. I know I should not…. But looking at this couple, I […]

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