Four Giant Swallowtails (Papilio cresphontes) during a puddling party. During these sessions, the butterflies suck up fluids and take in extra nutritions such as salts and minerals. Don’t worry, even if the one on the left looks expired, all butterflies all were ok. They were just struggling with a strong breeze at the moment I took this […]

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Luna Moth

Happy Canada Day! This day started well as I found this beautiful Luna Moth (Actias luna) on the garage door this morning. I noticed he could hardly move as he got some old cobweb stuck on his legs. I gently removed the sticky stuff and after a few minutes he took off and landed in […]

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First Insects

As Winter is leaving, the first insects start to appear. Again it is very predictable which will be the first insects to be captured by my camera: flies and lady beetles. However this year, another insect landed on my deck before any others did: A beautiful Four Humped Stinkbug (Brochymena quadripustulata). It stayed there for […]

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Another Asparagus Beetle & Tortoise Beetles

A new portfolio item has been added; The Common Asparagus Beetle. I was very pleased to find these as I had been looking for them in Europe without success. Gardeners do not like to see them as they can damage the asparagus crop, but still I think they are beautiful shiny creatures…. Take a closer […]

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New Portfolio Items

I added two insects to this website I discovered in my new home Canada last year; The Locust Borer and the Spotted Asparagus Beetle. Images of these beautiful insects can be found here and here. In the meantime macro season is in full bloom and I already photographed some interesting insects such as the Bald-faced hornet […]

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