The Return of the Weirdos

It is only August, but it feels like summer is leaving us already. Not only because the weather has been imitating fall quite well the past days, but also because the not so cute and attractive creeping crawlies are showing up. They are quite unusual and certainly deserve a closer look. This shot is a […]

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A Pleasant Surprise

I was very surprised and happy to find  a “new” beetle at Awenda Provincial Park in Penetanguishene (Ontario, Canada). Its colours and markings were so stunning…. It reminded me of  Canadian Native art. Staff members of Awenda Provincial Park were so kind to identify this little beauty for me. So I am proud to show […]

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Leica Macro

Most macro photos shown on this website are made with Canon gear. I have another set of equipment; The Leica Camera AG M9 with a couple of lenses. It is very nice to take macro pictures with the Leica. Even if it is very different from using the Canon 7D,  I am quite happy with the results. […]

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Shieldbug at home

Home Sweet Home

Many people ask me how I find all the little creeps.. I can only tell you that they are everywhere. You can find them too… This Shieldbug lives in the garden next to my office. The leaf is its home.

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A Friendly Spider

Eyes are watching you….

Spiders are not creepy… they are interesting and can even look funny… This little spider was only 1,5 cm big. Its face is so interesting. See how many eyes are watching us…. Doesn’t it look friendly?

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